SAAB 9-3 SSR 850л.с.!

850 л.с!

Двигатель V6 2.8L (установлен 2009-08-25, до этого был B235R)
Verdi H profile rods.
Je piston.
Speciallmade camschaft from pipper, made for double vanos system 12.5mm in lift.
Double vanos (both on inlet and outlet camshaft).
Spaciall made inlet manifold and 70mm electronic throtele.
Speciall made exthaust manifold with 42mm pipes.
Turbonetics T2KY turbo charger with 82mm impeller.
Bosch motor sport injectors 900G/Min
NOS nitros system.
Original Me9 engine managemant system callibrated withot MAF sensor and other systems like EVAP, AC, Immo etc.

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